Weight control program

Just as in human, sadly lots of obesity is seen in animals. As in human, this is also causing health issues.

Our clinic provides a service program for weight control of your pets, with the assistents, because we value a healthy weight deeply. Therefore this program is free of charge, to help you reduce the weight of your pet or keep a healthy weight. Sometimes it is necessary to provide your pet with special nutritional diet to help you help your pet to loose weight. This nutrition contains lots of fibres to lose weight, but makes the animal feel filled up because of the extension of the biscuits in the stomach.

After castration/sterilision there's also a tendence to gain weight on your animal. We would like to prevent this. The assistent can advise yu on the nutrition management line of Vet Essentials of Hill's, to keep a healthy weight.

Being overweight risks among other diabetes, artrosis, high blood pressure and cardiac and vasculair problems. 

How does it work?
U will book an appointment with the assistent for a weight control moment. In this appointment she will evaluate the weight and provides you with a goal weight of your pet to work towards to. Along with the assistent you will make a plan to reach this goal. Monthly you will book an appointment in the program to see whether there is improvement or something has to be adjusted.

When you think your pet is overweight, don't hesitate to call the assistent.




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