The Very Important Pet Healthplan

for who?

The VIP Healthplan is available for all dogs, cats and rabbits, that are registred at Veterinary Clinic Stevenshof and for owners that like to spread the costs for preventive health care in 12 automatic collection periods. During the program you will recive reminders for preventive health care like vaccinations, anti parasite treatments that you need to collect at the clinic and deworming examination reminders.

VIP Healthplan

Our clinic centralises the motto "prevention is better than curing". Therefore this VIP plan was developted. To ensure you of responsable and payable preventive basiscare for dog, cats and rabbits. 

With this program you will save money on preventive care (like yearly vaccination and yearly health check, deworming and other parasite control). You will always be prescribed with the most new anti-parasitic treatment medicines/ Also you enjoy several discounts on for example blood examination, nutrition and also extra paraveterinary services like nail clipping.

Monthly a established amount of subscription will be charged to your account. This instead of a high amount for this once a year at the desk during the vaccination consultation.

Ask the assisent at the desk for the leaflet of this plan, further information and the general conditions.

What is included in the Veterinary Clinic Stevenshof Healthplan?

The basis

• Annual basisvaccination  
• Annual healthcheck
• Halfyearly healthcheck
• Annual urine analysis
• Deworming investigation and if neccessary deworming tablets *
• The newest anti parasitic medicines are prescribed to your pet every 3 months*
• Extra discounts and services
 * not in rabbits

10% discount on

• Additional vaccinations (like kennelcough, rabies and 

• Blood examination
• Special medicinal nutrition of Hill's and Royal Canin at
  the desk

• Healty nutrition from Hill's Vet Essentials at the desk
• Dental treatment (without sedation, x-rays and extractions of teeth)
• Blood pressure measurements

Extra paraveterinair services

  • Free nail clipping
  • Free dental controles
  • Free weight management program
  • Free nutritional advice and support
  • Applying antiparasitic medicine by the assistents


The costs for the participation on the Veterinary Clinic Stevenshof Health plan differ between dogs, cats and rabbits. In dogs we look at the adult weight of the dog. 

Clear costs for the preventive care of your pet, that are monthly charged to your bank account via automatic incasso.

With this program you enjoy a discount for the preventive care of your pet. Ask the assisent at the desk for the subcriptionform and general conditions.

Animal                                Costs per month

Rabbit                                  6,95 euro

Cat                                      12,95 euro

Dog < 10 kg                         14,95 euro

Dog 10-25 kg                     17,50 euro

Dog 25-40 kg                      21,95 euro

Dog > 40 kg                        24,50 euro