Urine Analysis

At the clinic we can perform quite a lot of urine analysis.

The basic urine analysis  consists of 3 parts:

- measuring of the specific gravity of the urine (a measurement for the ability to concentrate urine by your pet)

- measuring several values like creatinine levels, protein loss, glucose and pH by a special urine analyzer machine.

- examination of a microscopic concentrated sample of the urine in search of bacteria, urolithiasis and cells.


Urine culture

Sometimes it is necessary to culture the urine of your pet or bacteria. In this case we will need to puncture urine from the bladder on a sterile way (sometimes with ultrasound guidance).


Supplementory urine analysis

In the urine external laboratory can messure several things, like Cushing Disease measurements.


Collection urine at home

Sometimes we will ask you to collect a sample of the urine of your pet at home for diagnostic purposes. The urine can't be older than 3 hours and preferable from the morning.

In dogs you can place a clean cup underneath your dog while pieing.

In cat's it is difficult. Most important is that only the specific cat can enter the litterbox. Wash and clean the litterbox properly and dry it. You can try to let your cat pie on a empty box or a litterboxplastic. Most cats won't do that. We then advise to come over for bying katkor at the desk. These are plastic catlitters, which won't absorbe the urine so you can still collect it.  Sometimes even with katkor it is mission impossible. Then we advise to schedule an admittance of your cat. This happens on dayly basis.

Collection of urine at the clinic (day admittance)

Very often collection of urine at home is a mission impossible. You don't need to be ashamed of this! 
The cat will be admitted for a day to collect the urine.
At first the cat is installed with a litterbox with katkor and plenty of water and some nutrition in our admittance room. If that doesn't work, we might consider punction of the urine or subcutanously fluid therapy.
Sometimes the cat will stay untill 19 p.m. at the clinic and sometimes it is already home after a hour, depending on the cat!

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