Sometimes a surgery is necessary.
Our clinic is equipped with 2 inhalation anesthetic machines with oxygen generators, and lots of anesthetic security equipment.All of this to provide the most safest way of anesthesia for your pet. By making use of inhalation anesthesia after premedication, we are able to wake up the animal quickly after the procedure. In the admittance room your pet will be looked after during wakening and will be provided with warm beds and sometimes oxygen. Sometimes pets even already receive therapeutic laser treatment in the admittance room.


What is important prior to surgery?

Empty bellied:
your dog or cat is not allowed to eat as from 20.00 p.m. the day before surgery. Drinking is still allowed until the morning of surgery.
Is your animal undergoing surgery a cat, the cat is not allowed outside after 20.00 p.m., because the cat is able to eat something outside otherwise. Eating before surgery can have life threatening complications.
Rabbits and rodents are not allowed to be empty bellied befores surgery. The must have eaten before surgery, or even been given special force feed nutrition prior to surgery. 

Walking the dog:
please walk your dog properly prior to surgery, because it is better when bladder and bowels are as empty as possible during surgery.
Blood examination
Blood Examination prior to surgery is sometimes recommended. Especially with elderly of sick animals. Please look at our page "blood examination" of ask the assistant for more information.

Being within reach:
provide us of a phone number on the day of surgery on your application form, on which we can reach you during surgery. Sometimes the veterinarian needs to discuss something with you during the surgery.

Be at home:
on the day of the surgery we prefer you to be at home for your pet of have a caretaker. We don't prefer your animal to be at home alone in the hours after pick up from the clinic.

When booking the appointment for surgery the assistant will provide you with an information letter and question list at the desk or via email. You will need to bring the question list along with bringing your pet to the clinic.

For questions, call the assistant on 071-5315512

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