Sterilisation/ Castration

We advise to have male cats castrated at at latest 6 months of age. Castration deminishes the chance of unwanted urinating behaviour, unwanted litters and a very bad odor of tomcat urine. Early castration is possible from 3 months of age.

Female cats
We advise to sterilisate female cats at the age of 6-8 months. This diminishes the chance of unwanted litters and reduced the risk of mammory gland tumors and uterus problems at elder age. The ovary glands are removed in normal sterilisation, only if the uterus is abnormal this will also be taken away. Early castration is possible from 3 months of age.

Male dogs
Surgical castration of male dogs is only necessary when there are hormonal issues: walking away behaviour, foreskin inflammation, etc. Deminishing of walking away behaviour and being very hyperactive will often work after castration, but not always. Therefore we advise a chemical castration with a suprelorin implantate at first. This chip implantate will give a fairly accurate similar sight in the change of behaviour in your dog after surgical castration.  A small chip implant will work for 6-8 months. Ask the assistent for the possibilities for your dog.

Female dogs
Female dogs can be sterilised at 6 months of age. Larger females (> 10 kg) first need to have one periode, before sterilisation. Larger females can be sterilised aboit 100 days (+- 3 months) after the period, because of the lowest hormonal level in the system at that moment.
In larger females above 20 kg we prefer laparascopic sterilisation (camera sterilisation). For this we will have a specialist surgeon veterinarian coming towards the clinic, we can book for your pet.  

Sterilisation at young age diminishes the chance on mammary gland tumors and diabetes. It also prevents uterusproblems when elder. After sterilisation we sometimes see change of fur of urine incontinence.

Male rabbit
Male rabbits can be castrated as from 5 months of age. In shelter rabbits we will even perform castration earlier if possible.

Female rabbit
We advise to sterilise female rabbits at the age of 1 year. We strongly recommend this to prevent uterus carcinomas which occur in at least 80% of non sterilised female rabbits. Because not only the ovaries, but also uterus is removed, it is a slightly larger procedure.

Do you have questions about castration/ sterilisation of your pet? Please let our assistents inform you.

Weight care
After sterilisation or castration your pet is not using as much energy as before. Therefore we see them to gain weight, if not being fed less. We advise Vet Essentials nutrition after sterilisation/castration. Our assistents will advise you after surgery about the nutrition and will also invite you via email for a weight controle appointment after a couple of months if necessary.

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