Already quite some years we;'re using laser therapy for animals at the clinic. We started with this as one of the first practices in The Netherlands. Our team has followed lots of courses in the use of this new treatmentmethod.

The therapeutical laser is a device that can be used to have anti-inflammatory as well as pain relief treatment. Sometimes only one treatment is necessary, sometimes several times a week (depends on the indication of use)

A small summary of the diseases we can treat or relief with, with this lasertherapy:

- arthrosis and neurological hindlimbproblems
- ear inflammation (mostly chronic)
- skinproblems
- bad wound healing
- inflammation



The first lasertherapy treatment will be performed by one of our veterinarians, after a clinical consultation. Is repeated treatment necessary, depending on the disorder and the reaction on the treatment, your appointments will be scheduled to a laser assistent.

Mostly asked:
Nice to know is that lasertreatment is a kind of infrared treatment and is not painfull of dangerous in your animal if applied correctly!

We have lots of applications for this form of treatment. Especially we use the treatment a lot in arthrosis treatment. Do you wish to have your pet treated with the laser for a known condition by own veterinarians, please make an appointment via the assistent at 071-5315512. Is your pet not known for the condition you would like to have your pet lasertherapy for, a consultation with one of our veterinarians will be scheduled at first.

We use lasertherapy in cats and dogs, but also on horses at the stable locations.


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