Euthanasia/ Saying Goodby

Sadly sometimes it is time to say goodbye to your pet. A difficult decision and a difficult time. Our clinic tries to plan a most quiet moment for this as possible in the clinic, so you are able to say goodbye properly. Euthanasia of your pet at home is also possible, if timely applied for. Please inform the assistent about this.

Prior to euthanasia a consult will take place, to evaluate the necessarity of euthanasia.

What happens at euthanasia?
Our pet will be given an injection with an anesthetic/ sedative drug. With this it will fall asleep in your company. When fullt a sleep (eyes will stay open) a second injection with an overdose will be given in a vein in the paw of in the belly.  This second injection will stop the hart. Your pet won't notice this injection, it is sleeping deeply.

Your pet has been euthanased, what to do next?
Several options are available:
- cremation with other pets (mostly chosen)
- cremation individually
- bury
- destruction

When your pet is being euthanased at home, our veterinarians are not able to take your pet back to the clinic. The crematorium can collect your pet as home, if wanted. 
We prefer Dierenbegraafplaats Groenendijk, at Hazerswoude- Rijndijk, for cremation. Please check 
for the possibilities. At the desk we also have a flyer available of this crematorium.


Often clinics are called to euthanase a healthy animal. We don't do this. We can't stand behind this matter.


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