Cleaning of the dental / dental treatment

When there's a bad smell from the mouth of your animal, lots of dental plaque, inflammation of pain while eating, a dental treatment might be necessary. Dental plaque and dental stoneforming are nutritional grounds for bacteria, give a bad smell and can give organ damage later on (like inflammation of organs like kidney and hart). Therefore clean teeth are essential.

At first the assistent will book a general clinical check up for your pet, to investigate the urge and the needed time for the dental treatment of your animal. Then an appointment for the treatment will be scheduled.


A dental treatment will be done under anesthesia. Prior to surgery your pet will be clinically checked again. In sick and geriatric animals, we often advise pre-anesthetic blood examination. Click on the link blood examination for more information.
With the testresults of this blood examination, the anesthetic can be changed with other medications if necessary, to provide the most safest anesthesia in our power. Nevertheless a small anesthestic risk, as also there in humans, remains.
After sedation, your pet will be having a breathing tube in the mouth and will be placed at security machines for the anesthesia. Your pet will also receive oxygen, and if necessary inhalation anesthesia.
At first manually the assistent will remove the big lumps of dental stones. Then the teeth are cleaned with an ultrasonic device. The veterinarian than will investigate the teeth, makes dental X-Rays if necessary and will remove teeth that are not well anymore. The holes of the removed teeth will be rinsed and the wound stitched if possible. If necessary a control dental X-ray will be made.
At last the teeth will be polished by the assistent and afterwards your pet will be transported to the admittance area to be awakened.


After the dental treatment it is important to do something with the teeth, otherwise a new treatment will be necessary shortly on again. Our assistents will advise you on the most suitable options for your pet: for example brushing the teeth every day, special dental nutrition, mouth water of combinations of these. They will also send you a reminder for a free service controle appointment with the assistent to see how the dental treatment is going and to see wether she can help you improve this.


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