Providing your pet with a microchip is important and wise, to prevent loss of your animal. Often this is also obliged when you will ensure your pet. When your pet is travaling along abroad with you, a chip is also obliged. 
Since 2013 chipping and registring dogs born in The Netherlands is obliged. Sadly for cats this is not obliged in The Netherlands yet. This would diminishe the amount of shelter cats and lost pets extremely. We strongly recommend to have your indoorcat chipped also because of this reason.

It could happen that your pet is lost. When a pet is chipped and this has been read by a caretaker like for example pet ambulance, the owner can be traced quickly. The chipnumber will be looked up in the database, which will give your phone number.

The chip is among the size of a rice grain and will be placed underneath the skin  between the shoulderblades in yout pet by the veterinarian. This implant will not bother your cat.


Did you check the registration of the microchip of your pet on your phonenumber?

Every year hundreds of pets sadly can not to back home, because of not having a chip or having a chip that is not registred properly. Most often the phone number is not actual anymore or there is not even a phone number attached to the chip. 

Are you completely sure that your phonenumber is connected to the chip of your pet?

Do it yourself: check the chipnumber of your pet on Is your phonenumber visible after entering the chipnumber, then your pet is registred correctly.
If not, you can correct it with the registration company. Please ask the assistent for assistence if necessary. 


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